How to keep your Swimsuit

Tips to keep your Swimsuit

We got used to thinking that swimsuits tend to be destroyed or faded, And usually do not survive more than one season, but a quality swimsuit should hold much more than that.

It all starts with the quality of the fabric and the quality of sewing – In LIli Bikini we do not compromise on the quality. But of course it is also important that you know how to keep your swimwear from the damage of the pool, the sun or the sea, in all your swimwear\bikinis
I’ve prepred you some tips to help. Have fun!

  • A bikini \ swimwear is a delicate item of clothing, you will behave accordingly.
  • Before entering and leaving the sea or the pool, you should wash the swimsuit with fresh water, for example in beach showers. This way you protect your bathing suit as much as possible from the salt or chlorine damages.
  • Avoid contact between the swim suit and cosmetics such as sunscreen or suntan oil.
  • Avoid direct contact with sand, preferably sit on a towel.
    It is recommended not to enter the Jacuzzi with high-quality swimwear.How to wash the bathing suit?
  • First of all, do not wash the bathing suit with a washing machine ⇠
    Machine rotations, hot temperatures and bleaching agents can destroy the bathing suit – stretch the fabric or cause discoloration of the paint.
  • Do not dry the swimwear in the dryer ⇠
    Here too, machine rotations and high temperatures can damage the elasticity of the fabric, and you will feel that the swimsuit has ‘expanded’.
    Your swimsuit loves fresh water  ⇠|
    After any exposure to the chlorine of the pool or salt of the sea, wash the bathing suit in fresh and clear water, you can use mild soap. Do not use bleach!
  • dry your swimsuit  ⇠|
    Leave the bathing suit to dry in reverse, and in a shady and airy place. It is recommended to lay on a towel.
    Do not hang the wet bathing suit: when the bathing suit is wet and hanging, the result is that the fabric is stretched and thus the elasticity of the fabric is impaired. It is recommended not to squeeze the swimsuit, the movement of the blackmail can damage the elasticity of the fabric. Avoid leaving the bathing suit wet in a bag or bag.
  • Wishing you a summer of happines